Women – Sexual Assaults And Violence

Life is beautiful and to make it happy and joyful, people should have control over it. In today’s lifestyle of busy work schedules, late night parties, and many other social events, people cannot find time to spend leisurely at home with the family members. Humans are social beings and living in the society with traditions, customs, and many other social relationships. But still, people cannot find a secure place for their existence as day by day the rate of crime has been increasing because of lust, greed and evilness in the people. Especially women are the sufferers in many cases such as physical abuses and domestic violence. Trauma counselling, meditation, and psychiatric help can make them normal.

In any culture, it has been taught that respecting women are an ideal thing, and the men should treat them with respect, love and affection. Still, most of the people feel that this is the male dominating society, and they can have the complete rights over the women to control them. The world is changing, and women are having professional skills and equally talented as men. In most of the responsible positions of the companies, women are proving as the most qualified and suitable employees. They can have the confidence to accomplish any task successfully and encouragement in all the aspects to step forward equally with men.

In spite of all these facts, still in some places, women have to suffer from sexual abuse and domestic violence. In places like public transportations, offices, hospitals, and schools, etc. women have to bear the sexual perverts. Many young girls and women have been the victims of many such incidents and have lost their mental balance. There are many women welfare organizations and international committees for the well-being of women that have been working in bringing awareness in the people about the complaining against the sexual assault and abuse as most of the times women keep quiet because of her fear about the society.

In such cases, the victims should approach for trauma counselling that can help them to come out of worst situations and can assist them in facing the reality. These women care organizations can stand by such people and help them to make a peaceful and secure living. They can preach certain things that can help the victims to come out of the trauma which includes:

• There is no will and wish of any victim, and she is not responsible for the assault.

• The victims react abnormally after the incidents, and it’s entirely reasonable because of their mental imbalance.

• Women should be able to take care of themselves from such assaults and sexual abuses.

• These are very delicate issues, and people should provide their moral support the victims.

• They should have the assurance that they are not alone and lot many people can help them to lead a better life.

• Time is the key factor that can contribute to cure every injury and having a little patience can make the things better.